Calling All Winter Party Room Moms! Great ideas for indoor games...

Posted on December 11 2014



You can either split your class into two groups or split them into more groups and have "brackets" (I think we are going to create four groups and have them come up with team names).  You then clear the desks and tables out of the way, draw a line down the center of the room with masking tape and have two groups/team stand facing each other.  They have 1 minute to throw the snowballs at each other (the idea that once the snowballs they have in their bucket are thrown then they throw any snowballs on the floor back to the other side of the room).  Once the minute is up you call time and count the snowballs on each side of the room.  The side with the least amount of snowballs wins the game.  If you decided to do brackets, then you would have the next two teams step up and do the same thing and the winner of the first game and the winner of the second game face off.  In our classroom the final winner gets bragging rights.  The best part is that the children get to take this game home as a party favor (and it encourages them to pick up the snowballs:).



Christmas tree game! (haha) This site has some great ideas for classroom holidays.

Each team was given a roll of green tissue paper and ornaments. They had to decorate one person from their team to look like a Christmas tree!



Snowman bowling craft made from water bottles. I would consider using liter pop bottles instead.

Age level: Elementary school

Time to complete: 30 minutes

Materials needed:

10 empty water bottles (6 if making a smaller set)

white paint

black magic marker or paint

orange paint

10 pieces of ribbon cut to 12-14 inches each (6 pieces of ribbon if making a smaller set).

medium size ball (for knocking down the snowmen bowling pins)


1. Put a small amount (about 1 tsp) of white paint into each water bottle.

2. Fill each water bottle to the top with tap water.

3. Close water bottles and shake to mix the white paint and water together.

4. Paint or color all of the caps black. (They will be the hats for the snowmen.)

5. Add eyes, mouth and buttons using black paint or marker.

6. Add a nose using orange paint.

7. Make a scarf for each snowman by tying one piece of ribbon just below the face of each snowman.

8. Wait for the snowmen to dry.

9. Set up the snowmen and bowl!!!!




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