Best Tips On A Successful Dinner Party!

Posted on January 13 2015

Hosting a Dinner Party next weekend and stressing about how to complete your tasks? Plan ahead with these tips!

 1. A week ahead, instead of keeping everything in your head, write down a game plan for both the week and the day of the party.

 2. A week ahead, shop for the pantry ingredients. Shop for the fresh ingredients the day before the party.

 Ina Garten's Top 10 Make-Ahead Tips

4. Three days ahead, set the table, as long as it’s not a table you ordinarily use during the week.

5. Up to a few days ahead, prep as many ingredients as possible and store them in plastic bags in the fridge.

6. Two days ahead, arrange the flowers so the petals have time to fully open up.

7. A day ahead, uncork, taste, and chill (if appropriate) the wines.

8. A day ahead, pull the platters and serving pieces you’ll need and place Post-It notes on each one to remind yourself which food goes where.

9. A few hours ahead, put ground coffee and water in the coffee-maker (but don’t turn it on until you’re ready to serve dessert).

10. Before the party, run the dishwasher and empty it so you’re ready for the cleanup afterward.

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