Fourth of July BBQ ideas

Posted on June 29 2015

Fourth of July Punch:

Blue Gatorade Frost
Diet 7-Up
Ice Cubes

1. (Either in a Glass or a drink dispenser)

2. Fill the glass or drink dispenser with Ice.
3. Pour In the Cranberry Juice.
4. Next Pour in the Blue Gatorade Frost, BUT make sure that when you're pouring the Blue Gatorade Frost that you pour straight onto some of the ice to gently add the layer. If you pour it directly into the juice it will mix!
5. Next, pour in the Diet 7up, also pour onto an ice cube to prevent them from mixing.
Recipe: Side Order: Grilled Corn on the Cob 
Corn on the cob (remove the husks and silk)
Butter (about 1/4 cup and softened)
Grated Parmesan Cheese
Fresh chopped parsley
1. Heat grill to medium heat
2. Rinse the corn and make sure all silk is removed (or as much as you can).  Wrap each corn on the cob  in aluminum foil.
3. Grill corn for about 20 minutes or until tender (make sure to turn it every now and then)
4. Mix the butter, Parmesan cheese, and parley in a bowl.  Once corn is done, spread mixture all over corn.  Serve!
**add paprika and garlic powder to corn for extra flavor
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